Social Scene Workflow

Before you start your session:

  1. Log in to the iPad
  2. Check the iPad has internet connection , you should have a 4G signal symbol showing in the top righthand corner of the iPad screen. You can double check by doing a quick safari/ google search. If any search or URL loads you are good to go.
  3. Opens “PT-Enterprise” Application. This should be in the bottom dock on the iPad
  1. Check the location above the customer data entry fields is showing as the correct event name/ site. (this is the black text EG, (Location: DJ_ Adelaide Central Plaza)

Processing Customers:

  1. Enter the customers details into the data entry fields; Email, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number.
  1. Then tap [NEXT] on the keyboard. You must tap NEXT to progress to move to the image capture section.
  2. Confirm with the customer that all the information is correct.
  1. Select [TAKE PHOTO]. This will open the iPad Camera.
  2. Using the Camera frame your image and click the large white dot on the right-hand side to capture. Depending on the lighting/ ambient light in the location you are, you may need to turn on the flash. This can be done py tapping on the FLASH symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. REMEMBER the flash is only small so you will need to be around 1.5 -2ms away to capture the image using the flash. If your images appear to dark, move closer and capture a new image. To take a new image select [TAKE PHOTO].
  1. If you are happy with the image captured, select [DONE}
  2. You are then ready to enter the next customers details.

Checking the Uploads have completed:

(*To be done when before you start your break and then again at the end of every shift)

  1. Make sure your internet is connected.
  2. Tap the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Exit to Admin Menu.
  1. Select [EXIT TO ADMIN]
  1. Tap the bottom right corner of the screen again to bring up the settings cog.
  1. Select the SETTINGS COG Symbol
  1. Select [CHECK UPLOAD STATUS] on the
  1. At the top of the screen, it will say ‘ITEMS TO BE UPLOADED’ followed by a number. And below this a list of files.
  1. Use the [REFRESH] Symbol in the centre of the bottom bar to set the list to upload.. Image: SS_Refresh Symbol
  2. Wait for the list is cleared and the status shows as ZERO – “Items to be Uploaded: 0”  This may take a few minutes .If the list is not refreshing, you may need to move to a location with stronger internet signal.
  1. Once the list is cleared Tap the [X] in the bottom left corner.
  1. Tap the entry method button “Custom”