HR or WHS incident

When an employee wishes to submit a HR grievance or WHS incident form, this must be done via Kronos.

Click on the link to Kronos here to lodge a report.

See below for details and steps on how to do this:

1. Log into your Kronos account. Go to the single head icon, scroll to MY HR > HR Actions and click on this.

2. Once you click on this you will be shown a page that lists all your available actions. Click on the AVAILABLE tab to see what forms are available to submit. See below, HR incident, personal info update, update super choice, update TFN, update WWCC, WHS Hazard, incident or near-miss identification form and WHS injury/illness form.

3. Click on the form that best suits your situation. Below is an HR incident form, but they are all very similar with process and questioning. Make sure to fill out all information with as much detail as possible. You can scroll to the next page via the page link tab. You must fill in every box with detail so all incidents can be thoroughly investigated.

4. When you have completed the form with as much information as you can. You must sign with the exact name you have in the system. Once you have done this, you must submit the form so that the People Team can review the information.

5. The people team will review your form. Once it has been reviewed the People Team will notify you of the outcome. If the situation needs to be escalated, they will escalate to the appropriate people. You will be notified via kronos in your notifications tab.

6. To review the comments from the people team please, Go to My HR > HR Actions > submitted tab then click on the form submitted and comments located on the last page